Coffee Hullers

Efficient hulling, with minimum breakages, and a high quality coffee finish, 

for parchment and dry cherry coffee.

Bukoba huller hand operated for the small scale/rural grower.  Capacity 9kgs per hour dry cherry  coffee, 27kgs per hour parchment coffee.

Limprimita Sample Huller

2 models Useful for coffee buyers and millers to assess sample “quality” .

Hand operated with single adjustable hulling pad.

Electric operated with 0.37kw 1 phase motor, and two adjustable hulling pads.

Use any of the hullers in conjunction with our CC1 or CC2 Winnower to remove the coffee husks. 

Peeler Polisher

Bentall Okrassa Coffee Peeler Polisher spares available, liners in both cast iron and Phosphor bronze.