Cocoa Bean Breaker and Winnower

The System consists of an electrically driven cocoa breaker that cracks the whole bean – raw or roasted – and a pneumatic air-flow winnower that separates the broken shells from the nibs. Both units are compact and lightweight for use on a workbench or in the laboratory.

Used together, they can achieve results in a few minutes compared with the labour intensive hand cutting method that can take up to 30 minutes. Not only is the system much faster, but it gives consistent results time after time. Any size of sample can be treated from a few beans to a small batch run.

Ideal for processing plant laboratories, and also for small scale bean to bar chocolate manufacturers.

Available as standard in cast iron/ mild steel painted finish

Or Breaker with 304 Stainless steel contact parts and winnower manufactured in 304 Stainless steel.


Size and weight:-

The Breaker is approx 400 mm Long x 300mm wide x 400mm High x 36kgs 

The CC1 Winnower is 250mm x 150mm x 400mm high x 7kgs

The CC2 Winnower is 450mm x 565mm x 850mm High x 28 kgs

Electrical requirement:-

The Breaker has a 0.37kw motor and is available in 220/240 V 1 phase 50hz, or with 110V 1 phase 60Hz motor

CC1 has a 16 watt motor single phase 220/240v 1 phase 50Hz. 

It can be supplied with a plug in transformer suitable for 110V-1 phase 60Hz supply

CC2 has 75 watt motor single phase 

Approx. Capacities:-

The Capacity of the breaker is approx 15-20kgs per hour The CC1 winnower is around 5-10kgs per hour depending on separation required, number of passes etc.

The CC1 was initially designed for running small batch samples for laboratory  work. 

Ideally, for continuous production we would recommend the CC2, the capacity of which is approx 15-20kgs per hour.

Again the CC2 is available either in Mild Steel painted version, or fully constructed in 304 Stainless steel.

The most efficient results are achieved through a regulated feed into the inlet hoppers. We offer a feed hopper and vibratory feeder with adjustable controller as an optional extra 

Materials of Construction:-

The CC1  is available in either Mild Steel model, or fully Stainless steel 304 construction, depending on customer requirement

The CC2 is also available in either Mild Steel model, or fully Stainless steel 304 construction, depending on customer requirement.

The Limprimita breaker is manufactured from cast iron, body and roller

The inlet hopper and outlet chute are of Mild Steel on the standard models, or can be from 304 Stainless steel if required by the customer.

Also the internal body, and the roller can be electroplated to complement the Stainless steel hopper requirement.

The breaker blocks are electroplated steel, with rubber pads and a 304 stainless steel face plate.

The Breaker block adjustment screws are Brass.