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Coffee Testing Equipment

Coffee testing equipment for determining the quality of coffee, for buyers and processors.

Limprimita Sample Huller

Useful for coffee buyers and millers to assess sample quality.

Hand operated with single hulling pad. Electric drive with two hulling pads

Catador Winnower

CC1 for husk separation form hulled samples, with 30 watt motor single phase.

Coffee Roaster for samples

1/2lb capacity with electric heating element, timer and safety cut out switch

Coffee Testing Screens

Stainless steel  screens, wooden framed, sizes 10 to 20 and pea berry screens available

Sieve Shakers

Automatic shakers for testing sieves producing precise screening results every time.

Coffee Grinders

No 1 grinder with variable grind control

Moisture analysers

Programmed for green coffee, dry cherry, parchment, roasted and ground coffee, cocoa, tea etc. Models for testing samples and/or testing in sacks with stab probes.

Ancillary Quality Testing  items

Plastic sample trays, Sack spears, tasting cups, spittoons etc.

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