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Coffee Hullers

Efficient hulling, with minimum breakages, and a high quality coffee finish, for parchment and dry cherry coffee.

Africa Hullers with electric, diesel or petrol drives, stainless steel hulling knives and aspiration fan for efficient husk separation.

No 4 - 140kg/hr dry cherry,
210kg per hour parchment

No 1 - 540kg/hr dry cherry,
800kg per hour parchment

No 0 - 1200kg/hr dry cherry,
1800kg per hour parchment

Bukoba huller, hand operated for the small scale grower.  Capacity 9kgs per hour dry cherry coffee, 27kgs per hour parchment coffee.


The #4 AH Huller with petrol engine. Ideal for transportation to rural areas, or a number of areas for contract hulling.

The AH1 Huller
Capacity 540kg/hr dry cherry,
800kg per hour parchment

No 10  Huller, either hand operated or electric motor driven, for the small scale processor. Capacity 22/45 kg/hour dry cherry, 45/72 kg/hour dry parchment.

Limprimita Sample Huller

Useful for coffee buyers and millers to assess sample quality.

Hand operated with single hulling pad. Electric drive with two hulling pads


For a perfect finish to the coffee, millers use a polisher.  The machine can be configured for hulling and polishing, with two chambers one of cast iron for the hulling and phosphor bronze for the polishing. Alternatively it can be used solely for polishing, with both chambers being fitted with phosphor bronze liners.

  • Capacity peeler/polisher 820kgs per hour
  • Capacity polisher only 2000kgs per hour
  • Okrassa peeler polisher with aspiration

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